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Bridget Jones Icons

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Currently, there's an extreme, sad paucity in iconage for the fabulous Bridget Jones!

So, here we are, changing that.

Please post all icons behind a cut, teasers excepted.

Requests allowed, but that doesn't mean you have the right to complain if no one does it.

Oh, and be nice, kids.

Your mod: rhetoricians
Your maintainer: imagecolor
Your icontest leader:

Icon Contest Rules


1. Weekly new images and themes will be posted in multiple categories for members to make icons with. You may submit only one icon per category.
2. All icon contest entries must meet the livejournal icon standard -100x100 pixels maximum, 40Kb max.
3. Please don’t use a contest icon without the creator’s permission.
4. No voting for yourself, it just doesn’t make much sense.


1. Icons must be posted as a comment. The post with that weeks icon contest will be clearly marked, reply to that post.
2. Comments will be screened, so don’t worry about your ideas being stolen.
3. Only community members can submit icons.
4. Icons must be hosted on a reliable server, such as www.photobucket.com.
5. Include the source of the image (URL) when posting your entry.
6. You may submit only one icon in each category. Meaning, if that week’s contest has both an animation and still category, you may submit a maximum of two icons. One for each.


1. Anyone can vote. You do not have to be a member.
2. You can vote for your top three in each category. (This is subject to change depending on the number of submissions/categories. All information will be in the voting related post. )
3. No voting for yourself. : )


1. New icon contest topics/categories/etc. will be posted on Monday.
2. All icons must be submitted by Friday noon (p.s.t.).
3. Icons will be up for voting on Friday nights. You will have till Sunday night to vote.
4. Winners will be announced on Monday, along with the new contest.